Slip transmutation between basal < a > dislocation and 11(2)over-bar1 twinning across 11(2)over-bar4 twin boundary in titanium

XX Liu and XL Yin and XF Yang and H Chen and J Wang, SCRIPTA MATERIALIA, 221, 114957 (2022).

DOI: 10.1016/j.scriptamat.2022.114957

Molecular dynamics simulations reveal slip transmutation mechanisms between basal < a > dislocations and 11 (2) over bar1 twinning in titanium. When a co-planar pileup of basal < a > dislocations approaches (11 (2) over bar4) coherent twin boundary (CTB), the 1st dislocation transmutes into a four-layer (11 (2) over bar1) twin in the (11 (2) over bar4) twin, forming a (11 (2) over bar4) - (11 (2) over bar1) double twin, and the 2nd and 3rd dislocations climb along the (11 (2) over bar4) CTB and then transmute into twinning dislocations, thickening the (11 (2) over bar1) secondary twin. When the (11 (2) over bar1) secondary twin propagates and encounters the other (11 (2) over bar4) CTB, a reverse transmutation happens associated with the nucleation and emission of partial dislocations.

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