Oscillating electric field accelerating CO2 breaking through water bridge and enhancing oil recovery in shale: Insight from molecular perspective

H Zhang and WY Liu and WH Wang and ZM Pan and B Liu and GZ Lv and PH Zhao and WJ Fang, CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, 808, 140129 (2022).

DOI: 10.1016/j.cplett.2022.140129

CO2 injection is regarded as the most promising enhanced oil recovery (EOR) method for shale reservoirs. However, water bridges in shale nanopores greatly reduces the efficiency of CO2-EOR. Using molecular dynamics simulations, we propose an efficient strategy of applying oscillating electric fields to break the hydrogen bonds network and thus accelerating CO2 breaking through water bridge. The CO2-EOR processes under electric fields with different frequencies can be divided into five typical types. And to accelerate the breakdown of water bridge, more attention should be paid to the destruction of the hydrogen bonds network in the center of water bridge.

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