Preparation of WS2 with Varying Thickness and Its Enhanced Anti-wear Property in Resin-Based Carbon Composites

GM Ren and CJ Tu and YL Liu and P Gong and HY Yang and YX Chen and YX Xu and JY Tian, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS ENGINEERING AND PERFORMANCE (2022).

DOI: 10.1007/s11665-022-07372-5

WS2 of 96 and 205 nm-thick were prepared and the tribological properties of resin-based carbon composites (RCCs) reinforced by WS2 were investigated. The wear rate of the RCCs reinforced with 205 nm-thick WS2 (205-WS2-RCC) was reduced by 36.3% compared with 96-WS2-RCC. Both 205-WS2 and graphite were detected and tightly integrated on the tribo- films formed on the worn surface of 205-WS2-RCC, while 96-WS2 was heavily oxidized. Industrial tests also showed that the wear rate of 205-WS2-CRCC is 21% lower than that of 96-WS2-CRCC. Molecular dynamics simulations showed that the interlayer association energy decreased with the increment of layer numbers (thickness) of WS2, indicating that thicker WS2 is beneficial to achieve the interlayer dissociation to integrate with graphite for forming tribo-films.

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