Equation of state of tungsten-doped carbon based on QEOS model for laser fusion

P Wang and Q Ye and XX Duan and WM Yang and C Zhang and H Zhang and L Sun and H Liu and F Wang and ZB Wang, AIP ADVANCES, 12, 105204 (2022).

DOI: 10.1063/5.0113464

Tungsten-doped diamond is employed as a promising ablator material in high-gain laser fusion target design. Unlike for pure carbon, reports on the equation of state (EOS) of tungsten-doped carbon are limited, particularly in the high-pressure range over Mbar, which is relevant to laser fusion. To complement the radiation-hydrodynamic simulations of laser fusion, we developed the EOS of tungsten-doped carbon by combining the quotidian EOS model and large-scale atomistic simulations, which provide fundamental material parameters. In this manner, the EOS of doped carbon can be efficiently constructed. The influence of tungsten doping on the diamond material parameters and EOS was observed. The application of the developed EOS was shown via typical radiation- hydrodynamic simulations of laser fusion. (C) 2022 Author(s).

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