Investigation of formation and breakage mechanism of microweld of typical wire-bonding materials via molecular dynamics simulation

BK Gu and W Wang and SN Shen and ZW Chen and HT Ma, MRS COMMUNICATIONS, 12, 864-872 (2022).

DOI: 10.1557/s43579-022-00259-5

Wire bonding is the most popular first-level interconnection technology used in traditional electronic packaging but still needs fundamental research. This work investigated the formation and breakage mechanism of wire-bonding microwelds in typical wire-bonding material pairs by analyzing the loading force curve, total energy curve, atomic morphology, and von Mises stress. The longer the range of the high attractive force of the atoms of a material, the earlier the real contact between the wire and substrate occurs, which means the bonding is completed earlier. The higher stiffness of the material strengthens the weld and causes damage during the bonding process.

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