Ionic Dynamics of the Charge Carrier in Layered Solid Materials for Mg Rechargeable Batteries

CH Wang and T Mueller and RS Assary, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS (2022).

DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.2c01954

Multivalent-ion batteries have attracted growing attention due to their high theoretical energy density that potentially outperforms Li-ion batteries. One of the critical challenges of realizing a multivalent-ion battery is the strong polarization that results in the sluggish intercalation of ions in the host lattice, which motivates a fundamental understanding of multivalent-ion dynamics in solid-state materials. In this contribution, we investigate the diffusion mechanisms of divalent ions in a novel Mg anode coating, BiOCl, using first-principles informed learning-on-the-fly molecular dynamics. Based on nanosecond-scale dynamics observations, we gained insights into the concerted diffusion mechanism of Mg cation site-to-site hopping facilitated by synchronous anion rotational motion. Furthermore, we compute the Mg-ion diffusion in additional candidate host structures screened from available layered materials space. The results suggest the co-operative divalent cation- anion motion is likely a common phenomenon in layered oxyhalide structures. Our findings provide a new perspective on how to enhance multivalent-ion diffusion in layered materials.

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