Dynamic bonding influenced by the proximity of adatoms to one atom high step edges

W Dednam and S Tewari and EB Lombardi and JJ Palacios and JMV Ruitenbeek and C Sabater, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 106, 125418 (2022).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.106.125418

Low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy is used here to study the dynamic bonding of gold atoms on surfaces under low coordination conditions. In the experiments, using an atomically sharp gold tip, a gold adatom is deposited onto a gold surface with atomic precision either on the first hollow site near a step edge or far away from it. Classical molecular dynamics simulations at 4.2 K and density-functional theory calculations serve to elucidate the difference in the bonding behavior between these two different placements, while also providing information on the crystalline classification of the STM tips based on their experimental performance.

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