Memristive Switching and Density-Functional Theory Calculations in Double Nitride Insulating Layers

SA Khan and F Hussain and D Chung and MK Rahmani and M Ismail and C Mahata and Y Abbas and H Abbas and C Choi and AN Mikhaylov and SA Shchanikov and BD Yang and S Kim, MICROMACHINES, 13, 1498 (2022).

DOI: 10.3390/mi13091498

In this paper, we demonstrate a device using a Ni/SiN/BN/p(+)-Si structure with improved performance in terms of a good ON/OFF ratio, excellent stability, and low power consumption when compared with single-layer Ni/SiN/p(+)-Si and Ni/BN/p(+)-Si devices. Its switching mechanism can be explained by trapping and de-trapping via nitride- related vacancies. We also reveal how higher nonlinearity and rectification ratio in a bilayer device is beneficial for enlarging the read margin in a cross-point array structure. In addition, we conduct a theoretical investigation for the interface charge accumulation/depletion in the SiN/BN layers that are responsible for defect creation at the interface and how this accounts for the improved switching characteristics.

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