Local Thermodynamic Description of Isothermal Single-Phase Flow in Simple Porous Media

O Galteland and MT Rauter and MS Bratvold and TT Trinh and D Bedeaux and S Kjelstrup, TRANSPORT IN POROUS MEDIA, 145, 153-173 (2022).

DOI: 10.1007/s11242-022-01844-x

Darcy's law for porous media transport is given a new local thermodynamic basis in terms of the grand potential of confined fluids. The local effective pressure gradient is determined using non- equilibrium molecular dynamics, and the hydraulic conductivity and permeability are investigated. The transport coefficients are determined for single-phase flow in face-centered cubic lattices of solid spheres. The porosity changed from that in the closest packing of spheres to near unity in a pure fluid, while the fluid mass density varied from that of a dilute gas to a dense liquid. The permeability varied between 5.7 x 10(-20) m(2) and 5.5 x 10(-17) m(2), showing a porosity-dependent Klinkenberg effect. Both transport coefficients depended on the average fluid mass density and porosity but in different ways. These results set the stage for a non-equilibrium thermodynamic investigation of coupled transport of multi-phase fluids in complex media.

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