Simple machine-learned interatomic potentials for complex alloys

J Byggmastar and K Nordlund and F Djurabekova, PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS, 6, 083801 (2022).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.6.083801

Developing data-driven machine-learning interatomic potential for materials containing many elements becomes increasingly challenging due to the vast configuration space that must be sampled by the training data. We study the learning rates and achievable accuracy of machine- learning interatomic potentials for many-element alloys with different combinations of descriptors for the local atomic environments. We show that for a five-element alloy system, potentials using simple low- dimensional descriptors can reach meV/atom-accuracy with modestly sized training datasets, significantly outperforming the high-dimensional SOAP descriptor in data efficiency, accuracy, and speed. In particular, we develop a computationally fast machine-learned and tabulated Gaussian approximation potential (tabGAP) for Mo-Nb-Ta-V-W alloys with a combination of two-body, three-body, and a new simple scalar many-body density descriptor based on the embedded atom method.

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