Tribological properties of vanadium oxides investigated with reactive molecular dynamics

M Dasic and I Ponomarev and T Polcar and P Nicolini, TRIBOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, 175, 107795 (2022).

DOI: 10.1016/j.triboint.2022.107795

We present a reactive molecular dynamics study on tribological properties of five vanadium oxides (V2O3, V3O5, V8O15, V9O17, VO2) under elevated temperatures and pressures. All considered stoichiometries provide lubrication with a comparatively low coefficient of friction (COF similar to 0.2 at 600 K, COF < 0.2 at 800 and 1000 K) which is a valuable information relevant for the design of coatings containing vanadium as a lubricious agent. An overall tendency of the decrease of friction coefficient with the increase of temperature represents a tribological effect useful for self-adjusting lubrication. We observed the increasing trend of adhesion-related offset of the friction force with the decrease of oxygen content in vanadium oxides.

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