Self-Assembly of Lipid Mixtures in Solutions: Structures, Dynamics Processes and Mechanical Properties

LL Sun and F Pan and SB Li, MEMBRANES, 12, 730 (2022).

DOI: 10.3390/membranes12080730

The self-assembly of lipid mixtures in aqueous solution was investigated by dissipative particle dynamics simulation. Two types of lipid molecules were modelled, where three mixed structures, i.e., the membrane, perforated membrane and vesicle, were determined in the self- assembly processes. Phase behaviour was investigated by using the phase diagrams based on the tail chain lengths for the two types of lipids. Several parameters, such as chain number and average radius of gyration, were employed to explore the structural formations of the membrane and perforated membrane in the dynamic processes. Interface tension was used to demonstrate the mechanical properties of the membrane and perforated membrane in the equilibrium state and dynamics processes. Results help us to understand the self-assembly mechanism of the biomolecule mixtures, which has a potential application for designing the lipid molecule-based bio-membranes in solutions.

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