Molecular dynamics study of the effects of machining tool shape on the nanotribology and interfacial behavior of diamond-like coatings on silicon substrates

V Nguyen and TH Fang, THIN SOLID FILMS, 755, 139348 (2022).

DOI: 10.1016/j.tsf.2022.139348

The tribology and interfacial transformation of a diamond-like carbon film covering a silicon substrate are investigated in this research. The results show that the graphitization process causes additional graphite- like atoms to form during the machining process. Furthermore, increasing the substrate temperature may result in a significant rise in the local temperature zone and the number of graphite-like atoms. Besides, a higher silicon -dope percentage in the film reduces stress-induced and raises substrate temperature. The block tool creates a higher plastic deformation level with pile-up and protrusion than the hexagonal tool, but a shorter stress-induced zone and subsurface damage. The spherical tool, on the other hand, causes less plastic deformation but a deeper stress-induced zone and subsurface damage.

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