A classical equation that accounts for observations of non-Arrhenius and cryogenic grain boundary migration

ER Homer and OK Johnson and D Britton and JE Patterson and ET Sevy and GB Thompson, NPJ COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS, 8, 157 (2022).

DOI: 10.1038/s41524-022-00835-2

Observations of microstructural coarsening at cryogenic temperatures, as well as numerous simulations of grain boundary motion that show faster migration at low temperature than at high temperature, have been troubling because they do not follow the expected Arrhenius behavior. This work demonstrates that classical equations, that are not simplified, account for all these oddities and demonstrate that non- Arrhenius behavior can emerge from thermally activated processes. According to this classical model, this occurs when the intrinsic barrier energies of the processes become small, allowing activation at cryogenic temperatures. Additional thermal energy then allows the low energy process to proceed in reverse, so increasing temperature only serves to frustrate the forward motion. This classical form is shown to reconcile and describe a variety of diverse grain boundary migration observations.

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