Attenuation of the Bauschinger effect and enhancement of tension- compression asymmetry in single crystal aluminum by temperature

JC Shen and JJ Zhou and G Zhao and CY Gong and JG Yu and ZH Xia and FK Xian, RSC ADVANCES, 12, 21235-21246 (2022).

DOI: 10.1039/d2ra03051a

Temperature has a great influence on the mechanical properties of nano- materials. The molecular dynamics method was used to study the effect of temperature on the tension-compression asymmetry and Bauschinger effect of nano single crystal aluminum (NSCA). The strain-hardening behavior of NSCA in the tensile plastic stage is significantly enhanced when the temperature is higher than 400 K. The plastic deformation mechanism of tensile loading shifts from slip blocking of dislocations in grains to dislocation nucleation. The degradation of the mechanical properties of NSCA under compressive loading increases gradually with the increase of temperature. Dislocation emission is limited under compressive loading. Nonetheless, plastic deformation may still be regulated by dislocation slip during severe plastic deformation stages and at elevated temperatures. Temperature enhancement can effectively promote the movement of pre-dislocations and eliminate residual stresses. A new microscopic insight into the temperature attenuated Bauschinger effect is provided. This study provides important theoretical guidance for a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the high-temperature mechanical properties and microstructure evolution mechanism of NSCA.

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