Study on sintering mechanism and mechanical properties of Fe-Ni elastocaloric refrigeration alloy through molecular dynamics simulation

XF Li and YJ Shi and TT Chen and SY Wang and KJ Fan, MATERIALS TODAY COMMUNICATIONS, 32, 103913 (2022).

DOI: 10.1016/j.mtcomm.2022.103913

In this paper, the embedded atom method (EAM) potential function was introduced to study the sintering mechanism and the mechanical properties of Fe14.6Ni (at%) elastocaloric refrigeration alloys through molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. The analysis of the energy field showed that sintering mechanism was atoms be-haviors of vibration, diffusion and recombination when affected by different potential energy fields and kinetic energy fields. In addition, the analysis of the sintering process parameters further confirmed the sintering mechanism. The evaluation of the mechanical properties of the alloy showed that mechanical properties of the Fe14.6Ni (at%) alloy were greatly affected by the strain rate and temperature. This work provided theoretical guidance for the preparation of Fe14.6Ni (at%) elastocaloric refrigeration alloy and laid a foundation for the study of elastocaloric effects.

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