Controlling polymorphism: general discussion

R Cedeno and A Cruz-Cabeza and R Drummond-Brydson and MK Dudek and K Edkins and K Fichthorn and AR Finney and I Ford and JM Galloway and R Grossier and J Kim and C Kuttner and L Maini and F Meldrum and M Miller and P Morris and SON Lill and B Pokroy and S Price and IB Rietveld and J Rimer and K Roberts and J Rogal and M Salvalaglio and J Sefcik and WH Sun and S Veesler and P Vekilov and H Wheatcroft and M Whittaker and R Zhao, FARADAY DISCUSSIONS, 235, 508-535 (2022).

DOI: 10.1039/d2fd90023h

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