Anisotropic Mechanics of 2D Materials

ZD Gao and ZHY Jiang and JD Li and BW Li and YY Long and XM Li and J Yin and WL Guo, ADVANCED ENGINEERING MATERIALS, 24, 2200519 (2022).

DOI: 10.1002/adem.202200519

Anisotropic mechanics of van der Waals (vdWs) materials offers opportunity to peel off individual atomic layers, initiating a 2D revolution in the fields of materials science, physics, and chemistry. The elasticity, bending, and fracture strength of most of their 2D derivatives are also orientation-dependent, which not only determines the reliability of devices based on 2D materials but also offers a vast playground for atomic manufacturing with tunable functions. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of the anisotropic mechanical properties of 2D materials is imminent. In this review, the anisotropic mechanical properties of 2D materials are summarized in attempt to capture the current progress in this field, as well as the route toward their applications. Following a brief discussion of the anisotropic lattice structures of 2D materials, unique experimental methodologies that have been developed to characterize their anisotropic mechanics are discussed. Then, the review pivots on recent processes in anisotropic elastic, fracture, friction, and bending properties of 2D materials. Unique applications of these anisotropic properties, such as mechanical fabrication of atomic precision, as well as anisotropic strain-induced piezoelectric and band modulation, are further highlighted. Finally, besides emphasizing the need for breakthrough in anisotropic mechanics, prospects for the developments of this field are suggested.

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