Study on wear behavior of FeNiCrCoCu high entropy alloy coating on Cu substrate based on molecular dynamics

JY Li and LG Dong and XW Dong and WH Zhao and JH Liu and JX Xiong and CY Xu, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 570, 151236 (2021).

DOI: 10.1016/j.apsusc.2021.151236

The high entropy alloy (HEA) is a potential material for coating because of its high hardness and wear resistance. In order to study the wear performance and protection ability of FeNiCrCoCu HEA coating on Cu substrate, the friction behavior of abrasive particle and material wear and damage were studied by molecular dynamics (MD). The cutting of depth and velocity of abrasive particle were used as variables for simulation. By analyzing the mechanical data of results, it was found that the friction coefficient of abrasive particle decreased gradually with the increase of the cutting of velocity. Dislocation extraction analysis (DXA) and Common neighbor analysis (CNA) were used to analyze the lattice structure and dislocations. By analyzing the above data, the wear and damage of the material was obtained, and the inhibition behavior of Hirth dislocation lock on dislocation nucleation was found. Cu substrate damage results showed that HEA coatings could effectively improve the wear resistance of the material surface. In the case of small cutting of depth, the high stress region in the material was concentrated below the abrasive particle, and the material subsurface damage would be intensified. This research can provide a theoretical basis for the application of HEA coatings.

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