Deformation mechanism and tensile properties of nanocrystalline CoCrCuFeNi high-entropy alloy: a molecular dynamics simulation study

AS Tran, PHYSICA SCRIPTA, 96, 125410 (2021).

DOI: 10.1088/1402-4896/ac3f6a

For purpose of investigating the damage mechanism and tensile properties of the nanocrystalline CoCrCuFeNi high-entropy alloy, the tension experiment simulations were performed using the molecular dynamics method. The effects of the grain size, strain rate, experiment temperature, and percentage of components were considered in detail. By changing the simulated conditions of the tension experiment, the deformation and the grain growth of the nanocrystalline CoCrCuFeNi high- entropy alloy were mentioned and analyzed. The important mechanical factors such as phase transformation, stress-strain relation, shear strain, tensile strength, dislocation density, and von Mises stress were strongly influenced by changing the simulated conditions and deeply discussed.

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