Crowdion in Deformed FCC Metal. Atomistic Modeling

SA Starikov and AR Kuznetsov and VV Sagaradze, PHYSICS OF METALS AND METALLOGRAPHY, 122, 1207-1212 (2021).

DOI: 10.1134/S0031918X21120115

Crowdions in metals are very mobile (compared to others) point defects, providing mass transfer, which is especially important at room and lower temperatures. In this work, the behavior of a crowdion in an fcc metal (e.g., nickel and copper) subjected to severe deformation is studied theoretically. It is shown that, at a certain strain, the < 110 & rang; crowdion configuration of an interstitial atom becomes preferable to the dumbbell configuration in a wide temperature range. The atomic displacement fields of a crowdion are described in the Frenkel-Kontorova model. The phonon density of states is found by the molecular dynamics method using Green's functions. The average velocity of the crowdion motion as a function of the strain rate is found. It is shown that the velocity of the crowdion motion is significantly lower than the velocity corresponding to the maximum frequency in the phonon density of states and decreases with a decrease in the strain rate, which makes it possible to reveal the character of the crowdion motion.

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