Excess Atomic Volume and its Role in Fracture of Nickel Single Crystals

DS Kryzhevich and AV Korchuganov and KP Zolnikov, RUSSIAN PHYSICS JOURNAL, 64, 1198-1204 (2021).

DOI: 10.1007/s11182-021-02444-w

The paper studies the crack propagation in the nickel single crystal under uniaxial tension along the 010 crystallographic direction using the molecular dynamics simulation. It is found that at room temperature, the formation of excess atomic volume occurs nearby the crack tip. Later, nanopores appear in these regions, which then join with the crack, thereby promoting a high-speed opening of the latter. It is shown that when the formation of dislocations is observed in the regions of the excess atomic volume, nearby the crack tip, the crack propagation velocity substantially lowers in this direction.

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