Regular Self-Actuation of Liquid Metal Nanodroplets in Radial Texture Gradient Surfaces

EL Ni and KD Lu and L Song and YY Jiang and H Li, LANGMUIR, 37, 13654-13663 (2021).

DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.1c02249

Liquid metal movement in microfluidic devices generally requires an external stimulus to achieve its motion, which results in many difficulties to precisely manipulate its motion at a nanoscale. Therefore, there is an attempt to control the motion of a liquid metal droplet without the input of an external force. In this paper, we report an approach to achieve the self-actuation of a gallium nanodroplet in radial texture gradients on substrates. The results have proved the validity of this method. It is suggested that there are four stages in the self-motion of the droplet and that the precursor film forming on the second stage plays a pivotal role in the motion. Furthermore, how the impact velocity affects the self-actuation of the nanodroplet on the gradient surface is also studied. We find that the moderate impacting velocity hinders the self-actuation of the gallium nanodroplet. This study is very helpful to regulate the self-actuation on patterned substrates and facilitate their applications in the fields of microfluidics devices, soft robots, and liquid sensors.

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