Simu-D: A Simulator-Descriptor Suite for Polymer-Based Systems under Extreme Conditions

M Herranz and D Martinez-Fernandez and PM Ramos and K Foteinopoulou and NC Karayiannis and M Laso, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, 22, 12464 (2021).

DOI: 10.3390/ijms222212464

We present Simu-D, a software suite for the simulation and successive identification of local structures of atomistic systems, based on polymers, under extreme conditions, in the bulk, on surfaces, and at interfaces. The protocol is built around various types of Monte Carlo algorithms, which include localized, chain-connectivity-altering, identity-exchange, and cluster-based moves. The approach focuses on alleviating one of the main disadvantages of Monte Carlo algorithms, which is the general applicability under a wide range of conditions. Present applications include polymer-based nanocomposites with nanofillers in the form of cylinders and spheres of varied concentration and size, extremely confined and maximally packed assemblies in two and three dimensions, and terminally grafted macromolecules. The main simulator is accompanied by a descriptor that identifies the similarity of computer-generated configurations with respect to reference crystals in two or three dimensions. The Simu-D simulator-descriptor can be an especially useful tool in the modeling studies of the entropy- and energy-driven phase transition, adsorption, and self-organization of polymer-based systems under a variety of conditions.

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