Residual Guest-Assisted MOF-5 Powder Densification

B Zheng and K Gao and D Tian and WT Yao and L Zhang and LL Wang and JL Wang, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 60, 13419-13424 (2021).

DOI: 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.1c01738

Powder densification for specified shaped metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) is desirable for most applications. The obtainment of such properties is challenging, one of which is the rapid crystal-to- amorphous transition (framework collapse) of MOFs under pressure. Herein, we found that the residual guests of the MOF-5 synthesis process could form binding groups based on the hydrogen-bonding networks of water. The improved processability and ease of compression, which did not promote rapid structure collapse, can be achieved in the guest- loaded MOF-5. Correspondingly, enhanced volumetric specific surface area and methane uptake of MOF-5 were obtained. This work focuses on a commonly neglected but positive function of the residual guests in MOFs, besides supporting the framework. MOFs loaded with multiple types of guests show attractive mechanical properties via guest-guest and guest- host interactions for powder densification, highlighting their commercial applications.

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