Effects of SiO2 Contaminant on Thermo-Mechanical/Chemical Properties and Lubricity of PFPE Lubricants

S Rahman and D Purani and S Ali and CD Yeo, LUBRICANTS, 9, 90 (2021).

DOI: 10.3390/lubricants9090090

Using the molecular dynamics (MD) simulations with ReaxFF potential, two different types of PFPE lubricants (Ztetraol and ZTMD) are prepared on a-C film, and SiO2 particles are adsorbed onto the lubricants at room temperature. From the simulation results, it is observed that the adsorbed SiO2 particles increase the stiffness of PFPE lubricants leading to less airshear displacement. Since Ztetraol has higher mobility with lower viscosity than ZTMD, the adsorbed SiO2 particles penetrate deeper into the Ztetraol lubricants. Accordingly, the effect of SiO2 on the airshear displacement is more obvious to Ztetraol than ZTMD. In addition, the adsorbed SiO2 particles increase the friction force and the amount of lubricant pick-up during the sliding contact with a nanosized a-C tip.

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