Investigation of surface wettability and their influencing mechanisms under vibration field: A molecular dynamics simulation study

PY Wang and XK Sun and HQ Lv and S Ma and ZQ Wang, COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS SCIENCE, 197, 110615 (2021).

DOI: 10.1016/j.commatsci.2021.110615

Make better use of surface wettability has always been the goal of scientists. In the process of application, materials are inevitably affected by various external fields, which also have a great impact on the surface wettability of materials. Based on the SPC/E water molecular model, the influence of vibration field on the wettability of monolayer graphene is discussed. It is found that the adsorption state of droplets on the surface can be easily changed by adjusting the vibration amplitude in a specific period, the contact state of the droplet could transition from adsorption to jump on the surface or even fly off the surface, so as to achieve the purpose of dynamic adjustment of wettability. The result also indicated that the vibration of surface can improve the surface hydrophobicity. In the process of impact, the position of the surface in the vibration trajectory when the droplet contacts with the surface will also have a greater impact on the rebound of the droplet, and the position of the surface is at the trough of the vibration trajectory could be more conducive to the rebound of the droplet. Our research shows that the vibration field can be used as a dynamic and reversible method to adjust the surface wettability, which can provide guidance for better use of surface wettability.

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