2D Heterostructure of Amorphous CoFeB Coating Black Phosphorus Nanosheets with Optimal Oxygen Intermediate Absorption for Improved Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation

HY Chen and JX Chen and P Ning and X Chen and JH Liang and X Yao and D Chen and LS Qin and YX Huang and ZH Wen, ACS NANO, 15, 12418-12428 (2021).

DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.1c04715

The oxygen evolution reaction (OER) plays a paramount role in a variety of electrochemical energy conversion devices, and the exploration of highly active, stable, and low-cost electrocatalysts is one of the most important topics in this field. The exfoliated black phosphorus (EBP) nanosheet with a two-dimensional (2D) layered structure has high carrier mobility but is limited by excessive oxygen-containing intermediate absorption and fast deterioration in air. We here report the fabrication of nanohybrids of amorphous CoFeB nanosheets on EBP nanosheets (EBP/CoFeB). The 2D/2D heterostructure, thanks to the electronic interactions and oxygen affinity difference between EBP and CoFeB nanosheets, is capable of balancing the oxygen-containing intermediate absorption to an optimal status for facilitating the OER process. While the crystalline EBP contributes to the improved conductivity, the amorphous coating protects EBP and thus ensures the catalytic stability. The EBP/CoFeB electrocatalyst shows excellent OER performance with an ultralow overpotential of 227 mV at 10 mA cm(-2) with an ultrasmall Tafel slope of 36.7 mV dec(-1) with excellent stability. This study may inspire more researches to develop heterostructured nanohybrid electrocatalysts for a diversity of electrochemical reactions.

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