A study of crystallography of alpha precipitates in a Ti-8 wt% Fe alloy

YS Zhang and JY Zhang and WZ Zhang, MATERIALS CHARACTERIZATION, 178, 111193 (2021).

DOI: 10.1016/j.matchar.2021.111193

Crystallography of alpha precipitates in a Ti-8 wt% Fe (Ti-8Fe) alloy is investigated in this study. The precipitates were observed to exhibit a lath morphology with a well-defined habit plane containing a single set of dislocations. The orientation relationship between the precipitates and matrix, the elongated direction of the lath, the orientation of the habit plane, and the dislocation structures in the habit plane have been characterized using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). These crystallographic features of the precipitates were interpreted by the O-line model. The interfacial energy of various O-line interfaces was calculated using molecular dynamics. The calculated result shows a rather flat low energy region. The interfacial energy of the habit plane falls in this region, indicating that low interfacial energy can account for the observed crystallography of the precipitates in this titanium alloy. It also implies true scattering of crystallography of alpha precipitates. Results of other Ti alloys are discussed, and they can be similarly explained.

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