Achieve 100% transmission via grafting hydroxyl groups on CNT nanomotors

R Li and JH Liu and X Zheng and Q Peng, CURRENT APPLIED PHYSICS, 29, 59-65 (2021).

DOI: 10.1016/j.cap.2021.06.005

Nanomotors are essential in nanorobots and nanoenergy. The critical issues include stability and efficiency. Here, we have investigated the influence of hydroxyl groups on the transmission behavior of carbon nanotube based nanomotors using molecular dynamic simulations. The results showed that 100% transmission efficiency occurred in kinetic energy transmission, irrespective to the diameters and chiral angles of carbon nanotubes. Such stable and efficient transmission was attributed to the hydrogen bonds formed between hydroxyl groups on motor and rotor. The fastened responses were observed in the systems with zigzag and armchair carbon nanotube motor. Our results provide atomic insights into improving stability and efficiency in nanomotors.

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