Atomistic-to-meso multi-scale data-driven graph surrogate modeling of dislocation glide

EAB de Moraes and JL Suzuki and M Zayernouri, COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS SCIENCE, 197, 110569 (2021).

DOI: 10.1016/j.commatsci.2021.110569

From their birth in the manufacturing process, materials inherently contain defects that affect the mechanical behavior across multiple length and time-scales, including vacancies, dislocations, voids and cracks. Understanding, modeling, and real-time simulation of the underlying stochastic micro-structure defect evolution is therefore vital towards multi-scale coupling and propagating numerous sources of uncertainty from atomistic to eventually aging continuum mechanics. We develop a graph-based surrogate model of dislocation glide for computation of stochastic dislocation mobility. We model an edge dislocation as a random walker, jumping between neighboring nodes of a graph following a Poisson stochastic process. The network representation functions as a coarse-graining of a molecular dynamics simulation that provides dislocation trajectories for an empirical computation of jump rates. With this construction, we recover the original atomistic mobility estimates, with remarkable computational speed-up and accuracy. Furthermore, the underlying stochastic process provides the statistics of dislocation mobility associated to the original molecular dynamics simulation, allowing an efficient propagation of material parameters and uncertainties across the scales.

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